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Prairie Hotel Condiments put in the Jar
25th April
Prairie Hotel production of native plant and fruit based chutneys, sauces and cheese platter compliments have churned into another gear as the season of haste approaches rapidly.
Several of these jarred preserves have been a work in making for many years. The Quandong Jam and Bush Tomato Relish taking the reins in popularity.
The Quandong is a native peach of the ‘Sandalwood’ family, growing in the central and southern deserts of Australia. Its ability to tolerate drought, salt and harsh conditions of sand dunes and granite make the fruit a very impressive 'parasitic' candidate for Jam at the Prairie Hotel! The above environment is quite the reality of the Prairie and the surrounds.
   Fresh scones daily with whipped cream and Quandong Jam finds the Nomads nostrils mid morning and afternoon.
Sweet Lemon myrtle chilli Sauce is beautifully flavoursome and lifts the character of simple food combinations. The Lemon myrtle boasts the highest level of citral purity; higher than that of lemongrass. The leaves and flower are used in the culinary and healing worlds. A diverse, determined little plant!

At the Prairie, a salad dressed with this sauce of zing or a pyramid of wedges as vehicle, are ways you can sample the Sweet Lemon Myrtle Sauce with perhaps a glass of Bundaleer Rose.
 The Bush Tomato Chilli Jam gets all the Relish Lovers going. Its wild tomato character, born from a very ‘un-tomato’, eggplant related bush combined with a long simmer with onion, ginger and chilli accompanies the Prairie ‘Feral Antipasto Plate’. Cured kangaroo and pastrami, lemon aspin goat cheese, house made emu pate, Flinders Ranges olives and ciabatta. If you sample the chutney alongside these Outback delicacies at the Prairie, you are bound to find a jar with your name on it to take home.
Prairie Hotel preserve Range that provides one with a taste of native bush food with a stroke of gastronomy that you may take home. 


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