Sunday, 22 June 2014

Prairie - Meat muscling additions
May 2014
Third Prairie working adventure has passed. The transition of the hot days and mild evenings have dispersed for the Winter cool of the Flinders Ranges. The days are now temperate and the nights chilly and clear.
Simon muscled the Prairie's menu meat appeal somewhat further. Bringing back an old tradition of Kangaroo Tail Soup with vengeful vertebra of braised tail and Parmesan crouton. The Nomads are giggling with their thriftful paws around Kangaroo Tail shaped Pies. Men can't pass the 10 inch challenge of a Camel Sausage Roll with their pint of xxxx. The measure of 'how many inches he can do' won't die young.
Some delicate, pretty plates perfected for the after dark diners. Breaded two tooth hogget, goat cheese and saltbush smoked tomato tart is a tender, aged turn of the lamb cutlet, presenting with height, colour and a memorable smokiness.
Kangaroo, beetroot, pearl barley and chilli Pie with buttered peas and rivermint tatziki.
In the diffusing stream of North or South tyre hoofing adventurers, some blade driven, boot treading, camel guided visitors find the Prairie Hotel too. As did a parade of the new model Jeep Cherokees for three days for a 'drive in and drive out' five course luncheon to launch and test drive the youngest Jeep member. Where better to explore for 4wd and Australian culinary enlightenment.

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