Saturday, 21 June 2014

Prairie - Parachilna
May 2014
Simon had discussed the idea of spending time in the Prairie Hotel kitchen on several occasions with Jane Fargher. Always ideas in passing as he made his way north then south for the Birdsville Races. The idea is now our fortnightly reality. The Prairie 'DIDO's'... Drive in and drive out.
   Approaching Easter, we stacked the 4WD with the necessities of our idea of downtime in Outback Parachilna. Sketch books, yoga mat, exercise weights, books, guitar, computer and Edie.
The bustle of activity awaiting us - that the Prairie stirs throughout the pleasant Autumn months made all these packed instruments for activity sit idol and untouched for the entirety of the ten days.
   What awaited us at the edge of the Northern Flinders Ranges was our commencement in generating a palatable taste of the Outback with the props of filthily spectacular sunsets, country character, art, the Ranges of reds and purples, warmth, stillness. Undisturbed surrounds. Only the generous company of the flies to remind you to always glance into your glass before your next swig.

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