Saturday, 11 October 2014

12th October 2014
What happens behind the scenes to pull a certain something together - is the marvellous element of art that perhaps holds one perplexed.
The annual Art Exhibition at ‘Cluain’ – a picturesque backdrop of green, life and activity is a stage for such pieces and their masters. This year on the Macdonald family farm, Hamish & Christa welcomed participating Artisits to reside for several days to prepare the farmyard lacuna for those to marvel.
From the Shearing Quarters and veranda, through the pasture around the goose pond where one could interact with the feathered honkers with a sound piece by Sculpturer Mark de Nys. Looping over the cattle grid and through Hamish’s tin and paint splattered room of requirement. Evidently, a master’s studio, where time is lost and form found. This section of the sculpture walk had every Exhibition punter chin wobbling.

The Shearing Shed opened her doors and walls to Michael Collett’s still life photography of fruits that he has cultivated on his Barossa property. Rose Ampt as the local Milliner from Millicent. Gray Hawk Furniture design, one tenderly touched for its flawlessness. Lady Jewellers, Kerrie McCarthy and Kirsty MacCurdie with swarming females for silver and shine. Yet again, further Mark de Nys sculpture that spells out patience and timeless like no other.

The breeze maintained the movement and olfactory experience of a sheep’s domain in the tall, timber and iron structure. The wool clusters swept the unswept floor and down the shoots as people created movement.

My efforts with the bean of caffeine were of that rewarding nature. The assemblage of my Hottop Coffee Roaster helped with the explaining of that behind the scenes work of your morning latte. My contribution to ART IN THE STICKS was palatable, offering difference to the two and three dimensional forms over the weekend.

Of palatable offerings, Simon Burr with a knife and a mobile kitchen took to the cook of a Sunday Long Lunch in the shearing shed. Ninety three sat to two LOoooNG trestles, dressed for a day of colour. Platters to share of pearl white new season Lobster, oysters, prawns. Mussels and cockles in broth. A ‘Cluain’ steer called ‘Lunch’ certainly lived up to that expectation. Simon kneaded Ciabbatta and Pane Pugliesi breads for mopping up a Red wine glaze that had simmered for days.
The artists dined amongst the guests.


Josh Rawiri played string and didge as melody for chewing and chatter.
All tools were down as diners and weary exhibitors drifted out into a dimming farm yard. A Hamish Macdonald with a jerry can on a buzzing motorbike cleared the air with a douse of juice and a light. A pyramid of dead red gum limbs created a framework for flame, warmth and spark. To finish several days on a note of such couldn't have been better.

ART IN THE STICKS - long weekend, October - annually.

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