Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Art in the Sticks
Annual art exhibition on the Macdonald family property 'Cluain' - October Long Weekend
27th August
The Exhibition is on a narrow and steep path of approach. The elements that give the exhibition its pulse are throbbingly close.
The 'Sunday Long Lunch' in the Shearing Shed is amping up in fare and numbers this year, so the preparation is exciting and involved.  
Simon and I have the surface ripened Jersey Brie cheeses growing their fury coats before their wrap. 
I helped Hamish Macdonald himself recently with a stock move on 'Cluain' where I cast eyes on the delicious beast for the feast, roaming and grazing on second stage perennial pasture, very healthily.
Flyers are proceeding past the proof stage and printing within the week.
A little warmth is urging the veg growth.
Hamish is painting.
We are darn excited and we hope you are too!

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