Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Union Café 
12th Nov
The Union Café - a hospitable hangout that warms the bellies of many as they bounce, amble and meander their way in for fills of healthy, wholesome and edible goodness. An energy contagious place. Locally roasted ‘East Timor maubisse’ Mahalia Coffee is always made with care. Your latte will be as consistent as the smiles on diles from Hamish and Alana and the uniting team.
    As the weather warms, tries to warm, the surfing community begins to swoon with delight with the change of water temperament and the step down of the thickness of wetsuits. Regular early morning runs for waves occur at a time when most are still intimate with pillows and pj’s… The end point for the eager friends of the sunrise, wax and waves is destination Union Café. Surf talk and sand battered feet chat and pat comfortably with thawing fingers clasping hot mugs.
The junction where the Union is perched opens into outdoor undercover dining that is blocked of the infamous Robe wind for when it blows with the force of Nature in a mood. On the days of calm, the wind shields ascend and the area is a communal spot to watch the center of town pass by, minus pedestrians walking close enough to breath over your Breakfast wrap with Cantina Kick and hash browns. A generous and inviting space. 
The best falafel wrap that I've had the pleasure of ingestion gets its introduction to plate by Hamish here. Grab it toasted if you have time. Burgers menu covers three that you really want to see. Mexican, Scotch steak and crumbed chicken. Shoestring fries as the side – your sodium intake is justifiable here as these babies are thin and crisp and not gleaming with oil as often one comes to expect.
Ben Howard or The Stone siblings often harmonise your audial experience. If you are in alone for your grasp of delectable Café solitude, the magazine arms on the wall by the table water will give your eyes and mind the time of ‘Surfing world’ to ‘womens health’ to ‘Marie Claire’. Jenny also loves a chat. The lovely lady with the biggest smile. Scones that have never gone wrong.

The man shredding a wave on the fridge doesn't mind an audience either...

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