Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sails Restaurant - Variety Bash Fundraiser Dinner
29th July
The annual Variety Bash for children's charity has been kicked into a feverish, fun fundraising few months, thanks to a few locals making the time to do so. A golf day saw the pennies swinging in the right direction, an auction in Casterton, dinner at the church behind the Robe Providore with fare to feast by chef Anthony D'augello. An excuse to have wonderful company, thoughtful food and wine is admittedly invented by many without hesitation. However, these events were summoned for a cause beyond the benefit of filling our bellies and glasses.
Sails Restaurant presented a four course menu to conclude the stream of events for the fundraising. People layered and buffered from the cold, huddled in the spacious space. Anna Heffernan, Antony Kokiousis and Paul Bobridge glided around contented diners providing no reason for standing guests. The pace between the dishes perfected by the kitchen. The dining room embracing. More so as the pouring of the beautiful wines became a little adventurous into the narrowing glasses.
    Herbert Vineyard Pinot Gris offered a gentle introduction to food. Melony with a mild citrus awoke tastebuds. Wangolina, Karatta, Norfolk Rise, Koonara and Karatta could be sipped and were all staged when their bottle was grasped. Tempting Wines, 'Seductress Shiraz' recommended as the vino for the beef main course.   
    Dispersed throughout courses a $10 blind bottle of wine was yours by purchasing a numbered cork to correspond to a bottle in disguise. Eruptions of excitement animated the evening as numerous wines scattered tables. Raidis, Hollick and Bellwether amongst the generosity of the sponsoring Vineyards.
    Adam Brookes, Tom Tilbury and Hamish Curry were the boys with the pans and perfect pace. Amuse Bouche, Tempura oyster with pickled cucumber and citrus aioli started the salivary glands as the incredible texture of the light tempura batter contended with the unique sea creature some may normally debate to crunch or swallow whole. Here was the 'crunchers' oyster dish.
    Fresh seafood in tomato, saffron and vegetable stew for entrée. At the clearer end of a stew spectrum, this clean medley of tomato and vegetable was complimentary to the delicate SA seafood.
    Appreciate shredding strings of beef after a long braise in the prodible, tender form that is ever so comforting in the months of cold. Main course - Braised beef rib of this calibre, potato galette, onions, pea and horseradish puree. Tight potato galette in micro layerd slithers, peppery bites of horseradish that danced throughout the crisp allaciousness of gentle battered onion and daring beef. Most silent  moments of the table appearing here in satisfaction.
    Lemon and vanilla pannacotta with poached pear and rhubarb tea was the icing on the cake without the cake or the icing. Fourth course, dessert and a delicate completion to the eating of the evening. Pear as dark as well baked quince, herbaceous tea for the crunch of a sesame seed toffee and soft panacotta to swim in shallowly.  
    Memorable dining correlated to a memorable effort for Children's Charity. Some of the things that bring us together to dine.

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