Tuesday, 14 August 2012

05 August 2012

Aero press - endless fun of differing variables that influence the cup profile. When I thought I had found a fool proof dose for the press, particular roast style and brew time and technique, another bean was roasted, ground and brewed to dazzle. Typically, the darker roasts are very particular in their older age of colour, in regards to how they are chopped, plunged and how much of them we decide to weigh in. Lighter roasts seem to have a bounce of youth on their side - they are more forgiving with the boundaries we set them in the Aero press.

Here I've tried a medium roast Costa Rica. At home with no measuring aids at the time, it was a brew bred from belief in feel rather than numbers. Ok for a mid morning play - nice body, silky like a fluid stream of velvet. Dissipated fast into a disgruntled acidity that dominated the orange zest and spicy dessert syrup. Nice young bark lingering to make this cup not a sweet tooths only.   

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