Monday, 9 July 2012

It's opening post time. The first few are going to be on shaky legs I suspect, until I can be a better acquaintance to this blogging stranger. The words and snaps of my world between a big blue Diedrich Roaster, hessian sacks of fine cherry seeds of mystery, extraction vessels shall commence. Necessarily additions along my scribbling and slurping path are the ventures of flavour and epistemological experience that translates the beautiful caffeinated buttons into their significance to me. Flavours and textures of this beverage cannot be possible to critique without the delightful assistance of the abundance of locally grown fruit, veg, herbs, eggs, meats, cheeses, WINEs, olives, breads.. Seriously talented home cooks that spoil me regularly in addition to resourceful Chefs, Winemakers and flavour enthusiasts alike, build significantly to a learning Coffee Roaster in her journey to understanding her median all the more. It's all for an enhancement! Not an enhancer of waist size, but something hugely powerful for the reliant to their palate.

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